5 Things that can be done to keep a baby's skin softer

I wanna be reason behind your smile, cause surely, you're the one behind mine.

It's we start with a day in our lives through  MORNING, with a SMILE!

How about a smile of a baby! We feel awesome, right?
That's where the logic is, Whether it be poor or rich, Whether you are sad or happy ;

A baby's smile can definitely keeps you happy, happier and in fact happiest,if you have one !

This is how our lives move on,in our day-to-day life.

But, what about keeping baby Safe,Smiling and Secure? Yes, the baby has to get all these, i can say at all is

There are many ways that make a baby's world happy, then what about her Skin,is the real question??????

It includes the ..

1. Baby bath

    The bath that the baby gets in , should be be a one filled with lots of joy and easiness in getting it , it was always a great for many mother/father to the baby bathed. It is how you use the trick to keep her safer and the way you handle it and the product you apply on it , This process of baby care requires a lot of attention as it can harm her/his body easily. 

2. A safer oil Massage

The massage applied to the skin of a baby is how can manage smoothly the body to be pro climatic and the it is what you apply matters, can take the baby to her new level of satisfaction in enjoying the world and nature around him/her. A safer oil massage can be always be helpful.

3. Sun protection

It is natural for a baby to go out and play or let the parents take them out and it very essential for a baby to be at least see the sun in day-time. There cannot be a separate product you use on baby skin again, which you use must satisfy the all-in-one needs of a baby. The protection from the sun is also a very crucial part in parenting and as the baby getting younger.

4. Avoiding Diaper rashes

We celebrate in our life, Oh yeah ! Yes, parties. Then what about one has, he has to be with you- He/She needs a Diaper. But the importance of it has changed as it has become normal in any baby's life wearing a diaper. So , it should be flexible for a baby to carry, easy to the comfort , walk and dance happily. This must include all the baby actions to make him/her feel refreshed.

5. A comfortable clothing/wear.

A better clothing gives the baby look more cool and softer , a hygiene clothing system is to be applied here in the starting days of her life , as it can help - play well , keep happy and comfortable.

After all the can say is , if you all satisfies in one product it will be the most valauble product that you can give to your baby.

My Experience:

If fact to say , and not just saying as i am , but i have seen my nephew wearing Pampers and playing well/happily, he was comfortable, walking and dancing around, steeping and many .....
In fact , i was worried about how it suits him , but later with the flexibility it has and the way it encloses itself and the softer cloth/cotton it has got made me understood that it can keep him happy,safer ans his skin softest ever.
Thanks for the cherish-able moment.

These are highly essential in any baby's life and the essence of them keeps the baby in a highly possible protectable world.

Why ???? Because to keep baby boy/girl to be.....

Happier :

Sleep Well :

To play well :

The above mentioned like the baby to be happier, sleep well to play well, i think personally can suit this, because it is all it satisfies the requirements of a baby , It is like a friend outside, just like a baby's mom/dad.

“Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy. ”


This explains my feelings (a short story)

Those were the days i was feeling lonely when i was stick ed up with studying.I was lonely all of my schooling,studying here and there.I didn't knew that there would be a beautiful world outside.When i looked up,i was shocked; i came to know that 'am growing up'.

Now am 17,i loved to see a different world and there it is in front of me.This is the best part of my life because i explored a beauty called 'friendship' here. I have got a lot of friends here.I just came to know what actually the world is about? My world was a ripen fruit here.I gained control over life.My friends taught me,not to miss this thing in my life.It is "a taste of happiness".My lady Friend made me a man.All those days i was not respecting anyone;especially girls.I came to know, What girls are to us?They are resembles of god.That moment after seeing and knowing her, i got a drastic change in me and i started respecting girls.My girl friends were also happy to see a drastic change in me.I have got a lot of respect towards women.After finding many friends and knowing many things,my life was like "a lovely rose with soft petals".

Am matured today and am not alone now. I have a beautiful and tasty life.I was alone those days,but am not today because, someone day someone feels lonely and alone,but remember you have got a good enough number of friends respecting your feelings and solving your problem.Better make your life comfortable and go ahead.Life will be yours and you will be in your life.I love you friends. My friend,just be the one for someone and better don't make them alone.

A remembrance for you from my side:



Just Be You - Loving Myself.


I passed - a thousand of miles,
for a reason to smile.
But, never knew that it is "YOU".

Now, when i look back at you my love,
I had a chance to lock my mind and prove.
It's matters me most is "YOU".

Never ignore that you are the one,
who can handle the loads of burn.
Keep loving the one who cares for "YOU".

Let's all, Welcome the greatness of being Loved,
making the things beautiful around.

#Justbeyou #Loveyourself.   


The Best thing ever happened is - you "Mom"

The best ever happened in my life is you- My mom

You are the best thing that the creator created.
But in the process of your life, you take up many challenges - your profession, take care of home and family,many things you come across is like the stars in sky , but you always sparkle and show your love.

Certain things give you happiness, some make you feel proud, happy,anger, sad and worry and many..    In this process of hurdles, you need to relax,make yourself distress and again come up with the work you have. So, for every mom to remember that they are the best creatures in world. There are millions of reasons for me to thank you always because you are gentle. 

I have grown up seeing you, learnt a lot from you - your kindhearted nature, love for me and the anxiety and the eagerness to make me take best steps in life . You always supported me and you are always with me in every moment of happiness and sadness. Love you Mom. Happy Mother's Day!

For my mom, to maintain the good health and stress free relief mind - It is essential her to take rest and be happy because i know how many things you do and how much you work. But, in this process you sometimes even don't care of your health, it is important for you to take rest mom because if you are not happy , we are also not; Hope the almighty to keep happy and healthy this wonder on earth(my mother.) I always think of the little things which made you change the steps in your life, i am with you and will be with my mother (AMMA). 

I sometimes shout on you , but amma i am sorry i cant be happy without you being happy and i always ask the god to keep a smile on your face and keep smiling Amma. It is because of you i am here today and living happily. All i can do for in return is keeping you happy and loving you till my last breath amma. Thank god for giving you in my life.

There are few things that i can give you his Mother's day - My first salary and to keep you stress free, i present you the  Parachute aromatherapy Oil which gives stress-free and a relaxing one for everyday you start with. It adds and also changes the way you keep it , as you are already familiar with the Parachute. I would add this to your cart this time- the Parachute aromatherapy oil because it gives the pleasantness you expect and the stress free and relax.


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The best moments of life

The best moment of one's life

There are few moments in one's life and once you go through it you can make the best choice from it. If you though enough to handle it and lead your life and then you are the winner of your own.

1. To be born as a human. Yes it is! Out of billions of creatures in the world, only we are the humans.

2. A Mother - Who gives you everything you needed and make you happy out of life time.

3. Your School life- If one starts with it and also ends with it; i mean you are always a student on your own life.

4. Friends- They make best of you and will help you succeed in life.

5. Teacher- They help you out in everything, are just like your mom at school.

6. First job and Salary - It is all that gives you a pleasant atmosphere of your life and cheers you up and will make your parents proud of you.

7. Marriage- Your life is always getting a life-partner and loving each other .

8. Kids- They always makes you smile as they always are.

9. Motherland- It is all matters at last. Your love for your country.




My Delhi Manifesto : DARD

Delhi Against Rape and Discrimination

My Delhi Manifesto

I would like to recall the words of great Abraham Lincoln as "Govt. is for the people,to the people and by the people".

But, the situation has changed in INDIA and mainly the capital city "DELHI". The most burning and hurting problem is 'a girls safety' i.e. Our's beloved sisters are getting harassed,raped and murdered.
So, the issue have to be taken seriously where "our little sisters must get safety".

The main manifesto the Delhi Govt. should come out with is "a girls safety". The number of police men and women have to be increased soon,to take the charge and look into patrolling 24/7 symbolizing there must a help-line no. like 100 or 108 be given a help-line number and should provide their safety to protect each and every girl 24/7 and 365 days. The help-line in charge have to be a "watchdog for every girl and see them living a happy tension-less life".

This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with BlogAdda.com.


Love is my religion

Love the love till love loves you ;
 because you don't know that loving is a love that you loves you more than any other love...
                                                                                             -Love is my religion.

I am addicted to a religion called love; because i think loving someone is the greatest thing you can ever do.
It might be loving your mom,dad,relatives,friends,brothers,sisters,girlfriend,pets,trees,birds,animals, etc;

Love is present in every part of this world and even range out it...
Love can make someone love.
Love is a boost of energy.
Love can make a million smiles.
Love can create wonders.

Loving is something that one can do to anyone in this world.

Let me take an example:  
Just try to love someone who is angry on you,just keep silent and make him/her that he can smile for that moment. Show your love.It touches his/her heart. When he looses his control again , make your mark such that he can control himself  loving. Love can create miracles in anyone's life.
Loving is the best part that you can do in your lifetime.

Keep loving , Spread the love. You will definitely love yourself....
                                                                                    -Love is a religion.



We see many idiots roaming on the roads and many trying to abuse....
It's the day we have to protect ourselves from cruel ANIMALS in our society. We need to protect ourselves from them....

So,we need at least few techniques to build ourselves and the self-confidence in us.
Here are the tips and tricks for a girl/woman to keep herself safe from bad evils......

1. Kick on the center part between two legs
                Give a try to keep his mind misused and try to kick on the center part between the legs such that he losses his breath .

2. A straight hit on the jaw.
                Make a hit on the jaw part of the face, such that he looses out and to get his head down.

3. A pressing punch on the throat
               Give a try to put your hand on his throat such that he looses his breath.
               This is a good technique  for him to kick off

4. A deep kick on the leg
               A deep kick on the leg such that he fells down and it's a chance to move from him to keep up  yourself .      

5. A strong punch on the chest
               Give a strong punch on his chest to make him feel trouble-some; he looses his control.

6. Try to close/rub his eyes
               Try to rub his eyes and make a mark of your finger-tips on his eyes to make him close his eyes for a period of time; it's a chance of escaping.

7. Try to shout aloud/don't be panic.
                Keep your voice aloud by shouting,if closes mouth;
                test the power your teeth on him.
                Don't be panic; it looses your hope.



The dawn in the morning is the sunrise,
  that makes my day full of image.

The warmish was the all night,
  now it makes a million awake.

It was the pleasant morning fight,
  that made my day full of light.

As the Sunrises by,
  the world crosses thereby.



If you love someone truly, they will definitely love you back. 

But,if you don't understand each other,
  life will be like a hell ready to storm your life however.

Touching heights of love is so easy,
  but to maintain the height it's a great activity.

If someone avoids you,
 its more painful than causing a death; is a true.

I can't give up maintaining our relation,
 but don't know; am going into depression.

If i  would be your frustration,
 then you go ahead for your calculation.

I can't imagine if you continue saying it a friendship relationship,
 then i would definitely go into loads of  tension .

All these days, you are with me for sure,
 but now there is a pressure in my love treasure.

We were like a glass full of milk,
 but now it's like sour full of bulk.

I regret myself for my mistakes,
 please come back my love to cut my birthday cakes.

Facing hell without YOU,
because there is no more  'I' without you.......

My love;



                                                                                YOUR'S LOVE.....
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