This explains my feelings (a short story)

Those were the days i was feeling lonely when i was stick ed up with studying.I was lonely all of my schooling,studying here and there.I didn't knew that there would be a beautiful world outside.When i looked up,i was shocked; i came to know that 'am growing up'.

Now am 17,i loved to see a different world and there it is in front of me.This is the best part of my life because i explored a beauty called 'friendship' here. I have got a lot of friends here.I just came to know what actually the world is about? My world was a ripen fruit here.I gained control over life.My friends taught me,not to miss this thing in my life.It is "a taste of happiness".My lady Friend made me a man.All those days i was not respecting anyone;especially girls.I came to know, What girls are to us?They are resembles of god.That moment after seeing and knowing her, i got a drastic change in me and i started respecting girls.My girl friends were also happy to see a drastic change in me.I have got a lot of respect towards women.After finding many friends and knowing many things,my life was like "a lovely rose with soft petals".

Am matured today and am not alone now. I have a beautiful and tasty life.I was alone those days,but am not today because, someone day someone feels lonely and alone,but remember you have got a good enough number of friends respecting your feelings and solving your problem.Better make your life comfortable and go ahead.Life will be yours and you will be in your life.I love you friends. My friend,just be the one for someone and better don't make them alone.

A remembrance for you from my side:


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