We see many idiots roaming on the roads and many trying to abuse....
It's the day we have to protect ourselves from cruel ANIMALS in our society. We need to protect ourselves from them....

So,we need at least few techniques to build ourselves and the self-confidence in us.
Here are the tips and tricks for a girl/woman to keep herself safe from bad evils......

1. Kick on the center part between two legs
                Give a try to keep his mind misused and try to kick on the center part between the legs such that he losses his breath .

2. A straight hit on the jaw.
                Make a hit on the jaw part of the face, such that he looses out and to get his head down.

3. A pressing punch on the throat
               Give a try to put your hand on his throat such that he looses his breath.
               This is a good technique  for him to kick off

4. A deep kick on the leg
               A deep kick on the leg such that he fells down and it's a chance to move from him to keep up  yourself .      

5. A strong punch on the chest
               Give a strong punch on his chest to make him feel trouble-some; he looses his control.

6. Try to close/rub his eyes
               Try to rub his eyes and make a mark of your finger-tips on his eyes to make him close his eyes for a period of time; it's a chance of escaping.

7. Try to shout aloud/don't be panic.
                Keep your voice aloud by shouting,if closes mouth;
                test the power your teeth on him.
                Don't be panic; it looses your hope.


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