Love has no age, no limit; and no death

thanks for being with me all my life...
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 As far as i concern about love,I believe in LOVE and loving. What you see is love,What you hear is love and What you inhale is love. "LOVE IS EVERYWHERE". This is the world full of love.

I Personally recommend this to you :
                                                       'love until you live and let others live for what you loved.'

In Peace,Love and Healing,Dr.Bernie says,"Whatever your age,if you learn to listen,your inner voice will to speak to you about your path.. your 'job on earth'. This wisdom that is directing you from within is your birthright...  an inner message,an inner awareness,that says, 'This is your path that is how you can be the best human being possible'."If you follow it,you will achieve your full growth and full potential as a human being before you let go of the Tree of life...."

The reason i revealed Dr.Bernie is "The way he changed many lives is a great thing that could happen to a human being maintaining his/her relationship".Don't let the life rule you,Let you rule your life.Keeping it in mind,i have to work a lot in my life learning love and loving. Let us live our lives keeping smile on one's face and making man-kind to love,love and love......!


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