The Best thing ever happened is - you "Mom"

The best ever happened in my life is you- My mom

You are the best thing that the creator created.
But in the process of your life, you take up many challenges - your profession, take care of home and family,many things you come across is like the stars in sky , but you always sparkle and show your love.

Certain things give you happiness, some make you feel proud, happy,anger, sad and worry and many..    In this process of hurdles, you need to relax,make yourself distress and again come up with the work you have. So, for every mom to remember that they are the best creatures in world. There are millions of reasons for me to thank you always because you are gentle. 

I have grown up seeing you, learnt a lot from you - your kindhearted nature, love for me and the anxiety and the eagerness to make me take best steps in life . You always supported me and you are always with me in every moment of happiness and sadness. Love you Mom. Happy Mother's Day!

For my mom, to maintain the good health and stress free relief mind - It is essential her to take rest and be happy because i know how many things you do and how much you work. But, in this process you sometimes even don't care of your health, it is important for you to take rest mom because if you are not happy , we are also not; Hope the almighty to keep happy and healthy this wonder on earth(my mother.) I always think of the little things which made you change the steps in your life, i am with you and will be with my mother (AMMA). 

I sometimes shout on you , but amma i am sorry i cant be happy without you being happy and i always ask the god to keep a smile on your face and keep smiling Amma. It is because of you i am here today and living happily. All i can do for in return is keeping you happy and loving you till my last breath amma. Thank god for giving you in my life.

There are few things that i can give you his Mother's day - My first salary and to keep you stress free, i present you the  Parachute aromatherapy Oil which gives stress-free and a relaxing one for everyday you start with. It adds and also changes the way you keep it , as you are already familiar with the Parachute. I would add this to your cart this time- the Parachute aromatherapy oil because it gives the pleasantness you expect and the stress free and relax.


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